Skip to content – Canon Printer Setup: Welcome We have known Canon for many years and have a good reputation when it comes to imaging products, industrial products, and/or optical products. The list includes cameras, printers, scanners, lenses, medical devices, and semiconductor devices.

Not only is he famous, but he is considered one of the best in the industry and beyond. According to some research data, Canon is a key competitor and has a loyal customer base all over the world.

Since we think it would be a good idea to talk about Canon printers, we put this specific information in order to provide you with the features of ij.start.cannon that can help you get the printer driver needs and/or requirements. For a better impression

Here in this tutorial, you need to know about Canon printers and their features, system compatibility, initialization process, key points while installing printer drivers, cars, etc.

Displays a list of products available from

In its experience, Canon offers the “best” products available and delivers the highest quality products to its customers. 

Like the slogan, Canon products never disappoint. So here is a list of products supported by the best technology.

  • digital production printer   
  • large printer
  • commercial printer
  • multifunctional device
  • Information services
  • Inkjet and laser printer

And since we are going to talk about or related to Canon printers, you should know that these printers are suitable for different markets around the world. they are:

  • Consumer Markets
  • small business
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Market
  • government
  • public sector company

What features make Canon the best printer?

It should be noted that many printer models are designed and supplied by Canon. However, each model has unique features that set them apart from the rest, and the features are the same across all models. So, before showing you how important it is to install the printer driver on your ij.cannon.start let me give you some reasons to choose the Canon (same for all printers).

  • Printed materials offer the best solutions.
  • There are two cartridges, black and white, depending on your printing options.
  • It provides black and white print speed, color print speed.
  • Photo print speed varies depending on borderless print mode.
  • By default, all borderless prints are provided.
  • Users also need perfect two-sided printing.

What is the system compatibility of Canon printers?

Certain rules or regulations of each electronic device determine which equipment or operating system is safe and compatible. 

Windows – A version of Windows that is Windows 7 (SP1 with 32-bit/64-bit systems other than Starter Edition) or later (up to Windows 11 with version 1607 or later).

Mac OS – Versions 10.14, 10.13, v10.12 and OS X v10.11 are designed for superior compatibility.

Welcome to the canon printer driver setup website

There are two things to keep in mind before going to the site to download the necessary drivers. 

This article will guide you through the steps of downloading the software for further installation:

  1. Start the process by typing canon in your web browser of choice. It means to start by accessing the target website which will help you to download Canon printer drivers.
  2. Find the “Settings” tab and go to the “Product name” box. You must enter the printer’s unique code number, so you must enter it and press “Go”
  3. To ensure that the printer driver you are trying to download is compatible with your operating system, you must select it in the special options screen (the operating system you are using). After approval, you must click on the “Download” key link that appears in the center of the screen.
  4. The driver you choose to download based on the frequency and speed of your Wi-Fi connection is downloaded from http://ij.start.cannon. Wait for the download to complete and follow the instructions not to modify the screens as this may cause problems in the process. Once done, we now need to move on to the next step to start. 

Understand the steps for installing the printer driver

Now that you are done downloading your printer driver, you need to follow the same setup and this tutorial will help you.

This is where you need to navigate to the “Downloads” folder to run the file unless you have patched the file source for downloads. Double click on the Canon printer driver files and hit the option called “Run” to unzip the files as soon as possible.

The screen displays Canon Drivers, where you need to specify additional software feature options to order the Canon printer setup. Once selected, click “Next” to proceed with the process.

So this is the step where you need to connect your wireless Canon printer and the computer. You can choose to connect with a USB connection or with a wireless connection. After completing the connection process, you need to determine your printer model in which the names of drivers and other software will appear.

After making sure your computer has enough space to extract the printer driver. Then click on the “Next” tab and go to the

When the authorization window appears, you should examine the file carefully to avoid future interference. If you agree, ij.start.cannon will automatically start the setup process for the selected printer driver.

Wait for it to finish and try to complete the driver setup process. You can do this by printing the test page. Place a few sheets of A4 paper on the tray and start working. If you get good results, the setup is complete.


Canon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical, industrial, and graphics products across a wide range of industries. They provide cameras, scanners, multiple printers, and more.

The tips above are meant to give you all the Canon printer driver and printer information you need to get better printing by downloading and modifying the process from http://ij.Canon.start.

You will also learn about the different product lines offered by Canon, some of the unique features of Canon printers, and related product segments.