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IJ Network Tool is one of the canonical utility software that allows you to view the network configuration of the printer and make any adjustments you want. This application is very useful if you want to connect the printer to a new network when restarting the network settings of the printer. To better understand your network using software, you should carefully read the information below.

Important things to consider when using Canon IJ Network Tool

  • In order to get the most out of the Canon IJ Network Tool, you need to make sure the printer is properly connected via a LAN connection. Check available LAN cables. There should be cuts in the line.
  • Do not run the network utility while publishing. When using the tool, you need to fill in the application first and then start the printer.
  • If your software security firewall opens and a warning appears, you must allow access to the device before you can continue using the software.
  • These Canon electronics do not work well with trade-in users. Thus, you will be inspired to exit the application and then perform the conversion process.

Download and install      Download & Install the

To use the IJ Network application, you must first download and install the program on your device. This tool is only a part of the MP printer driver, so you can download and install it. To receive the IJ Network Tool, you must:

  • Go to Canon’s licensed website and find your product. The available URL is “”.
  • When you access the Windows product, you can see the printer drivers download link in the Canon Printer Drivers and Downloads section.
  • Download the driver by clicking on the desired tab.
  • Once the download is complete, you can install it on your system.
  • The installer needs to access the data and follow the on-screen instructions to do the tracking.
  • During installation, a screen called “Software Selection Window” will appear. Here you need to confirm the “IJ Network Tool” checkbox. This will install the Canon printer software along with the driver. 

Procedure Accessing IJ Network Tool

After downloading and installing IJ Network Tool, the next step is to run the application on your system. This requires access to software and can be used to set up networks etc. Follow the instructions below to access it.


If you have installed the software on your Mac device, you need to open “Finder” by clicking on its icon. Also, select “Applications” from the “Go” menu. In the window with all installed applications, find and open the Canon utility folder. Then select the folder called “IJ Network Tool” and select the software icon.


In the Windows operating system, you need to click on the “Start” icon and then select “All Programs”. Go to the list and select Canon Network Utilities > IJ Network Tool. You can search for software directly by entering the appropriate name in the search field.

How to configure network settings using IJ Network Tool?

Once the network hardware is configured, you can start using the software. The main role of the software is the network configuration. Once this method is complete, you need to complete the installation.

  • I bought a new router and replaced it with my old one. 
  • Router settings have been changed or modified by the user.
  • I want to establish a new network connection on my printer.

To configure a network setup using Canon IJ Network Utility, you need to establish a connection between the printer and the device. You must change the printer network settings. Once the connection is stable and complete, you can start the process with the steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch the IJ Network Tools software. To access the software, you can access the services mentioned in the section above. 
  2. When you turn on the device, it starts searching for connections.
  3. After the discovery is complete, you need to select the “Settings” option from the drop-down list.
  4. You will now see a dialog box with some setup instructions. Go through them and click “OK”.
  5. The installation location of IJ Network Tool now appears. Select your printer on the screen and click “OK.” Make sure the connection type is output as “Canon USB”.