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Learn How to Set up The TS9120 on a Wireless Network

To set the TS9120, it is necessary to prioritize the Wifi settings of your printer. The TS9120 is a wireless printer that allows you to connect the printer to a router without using a cable. It also has a touch screen that makes it easy to set up the printer on a network.

  1. After connecting the power cord to the printer and turning on the power, the main screen of the canon TS9120 printer turned on.
  2. A Wi-Fi icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it and the Basic Network Information window will appear on your screen.
  3. Just tap on the LAN Settings option. Then tap the Wireless LAN Settings tab. Here you will find many options to enable Wi-Fi on the printer, such as Easy Wireless Connect, Manual Connect, and WPS Push Button.
  4. Tap Manual Connect. This will lead to the “Select Wireless Router” window on the printer screen.
  5. All available router names near the printer are displayed. If the desired router name is not recognized by the printer, click Search again.
  6. When you see the name of your wireless network, select it and the “Enter Password” window will appear. Enter all of the password text using the on-screen keyboard. Also, make sure that all upper and lower case letters are present in the password.
  7. After entering the password, click OK. The TS9120 printer is connected to Wi-Fi.

Install the best software for your TS9120 printer at

Access the software installation instructions for TS9120 installation.

  • Go to

Ij.start.cannon downloads the driver compatible with the TS9120 printer. So, go to the Canon website, login to the new website, and enter the URL in the address bar. If you enter the correct URL without errors, press Enter on the main driver window. You need to click on the Settings tab on the right side of the window.

  • Make a selection for a specific printer name

To set up the TS9120, you will need to enter your printer model number in the specific search box. When you start typing a name, a list of all printer models appears. Select the one you want, ie TS9120, from the list and then press GO. In addition to entering the product name, you can scroll down in the product selection window. Select the first two letters of your product, TS, and then select the name of your printer. 

  • Select the compatible operating system (OS) and click Download.

You need to check the OS field before you start downloading the software. In order to avoid future configuration issues, you should make sure that the operating system you choose is the same as the one you are running the download process for. Otherwise, update your operating system version. Now click on the download button in the middle of the window. Keep waiting on the same screen until the software download is complete.